What does it mean to opt out?

Advertisers use cookies primarily to remember repeat users, but may also be used to maintain campaign information, and other functions. To opt out is always an option. Choosing to opt out means your browser will no longer be associated with a unique cookie, but will instead store a non-unique cookie value of "ID=OPT_OUT". By opting out, you have not disabled the cookie functionality within your browser, you will continue to retain an Advertiser cookie.

Cookies are specific to your browser. If you use multiple types of browsers on one computer (e.g., Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) you will need to opt out separately for each browser. Cookies are also unique to each computer. Therefore you must opt out separately on all computers you use.

If you delete all of your cookies, you will be deleting the "Opt Out" cookie, and will therefore have to go through the opt out process again to reactivate your opted-out status.

There are still some "volatile" or "non-persistent" cookies that may reside in your browser cookie file for short periods of time (e.g., during a session or for 24 hours). These cookies are used for storing information about things such as rich media and ad duplication, but do not provide tracking for campaign frequency or campaign management purposes.

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